Friday, August 26, 2011

How did I get here?

If you had told me 10 years ago that I would be here, I never would have believed it. I loved my job teaching a crowded classroom of (mostly) eager first graders. I told my family members that I was never going to retire. I loved everything about teaching and nobody was ever going to make me leave.

Five years later, I was singing a different song. As much as I wanted to help the kids in my class, my hands were often tied. Too little resources, too little support, and way too little time.  I was burned out. Now I have my own child. Ady is going to be a first grader starting in less than a week. I am no longer teaching in a public school classroom. And I am considering schooling her at home. How did I get here? I use to preach the evils of homeschooling. I use to laugh at moms that said they could educate their own children. But, here I am. I do not believe the public school system in America is doing it's job. Why would I continue to send my child to a place every day that is not safe (in my opinion), does not challenge her, and does not care about my concerns as a mother? Or even as a teacher, for that matter. If I express my concerns about safety at her school or the fact that she is bored at school to the school teachers or administrator, then I am labeled as an overprotective, complaining mom. The schools assumes they know what is better than for my daughter than I do. And I know they think that way because I use to think that way.

So, school is starting on September 1 and my husband and I still haven't decided if she is attending the first day or not. We will see what Open House brings next Tuesday.
Here is Ady at her 6th birthday party. Her birthday is the first day of school.

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