Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I got a lot of feedback from yesterday's blog. I want to clarify that I do think public school can work for some kids. I do think that there are good, caring public school teachers. But I also think that the public school system is set up to benefit adults, not children. From the busing schedule to student testing. The school district will do what is easier for them, not what is best for the kids. This is what I have seen from many districts all over the country. That doesn't mean every public school teacher, official, administrator and family is suffering from being in a public school setting. I have many great friends that work for or send their kids to public school. I would like to think I was one of the good teachers. But there are many times my hands were tied and I couldn't do what I knew was right for my class or right for a specific child. I also saw a lot of wasted time. This was because of policies that were set up that did not benefit students.

Some kids enjoy school and can learn with lots of kids in a room. Some parents are happy to send their kids off to school every day. That doesn't mean they love them any less. My blog is only me, speaking from my own experiences.

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