Monday, September 12, 2011

School, so far

Today will be the seventh day of school. What does Ady tell me about school? "It's boring," "We don't do anything," "I don't want to go." What has she brought home to us so far? Lots of letters from the school and the district. And one connect the dots, numbers 1-20. How's that for first grade so far? She does tell me about reading. They seem to read all day. Which is great! But, no wonder she is bored. I want her to walk out of her school building full of energy, telling me story after story of the great things she learned during the day. Instead, she is quiet and sulks on the way home. These are the years that she is forming her opinions about school. So far, she is not impressed.

One of the letters she brought home was telling parents that there will no longer be first quarter report cards. We will not receive one until the end of the first semester. Now, there are conferences in early November. But, I know the majority of the teachers will not conference with the parents of those students that are "doing well" in school. I don't care if my kid is a genious and the most respectful one in the class. I still want to meet with the teacher. I believe that parents are the most important factor in student success. Why do I feel like the district and the school is shutting me out? Because, as a general rule, public schools believe that parents don't know what they are doing.

I loved teaching first grade! And I want Ady to love it too. But I know that the odds are against her.

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