Wednesday, September 28, 2011

School! And Apples!!!

Adding some pictures about apples...

We have had two full days of Ady schooling at home. The days are packed full of things to do and we are loving it. Ady is a lot less stressed and very excited to learn. Yesterday she told me lunch was much better at home, without the all the noise and kids running around the caffeteria. Lunch was such a stressful time for her at school.

Ady is an eager learner and she makes it easy to teach. We have been learning about fall, the changes in the seasons, and apples. We went to an apple orchard and picked some apples. At home we cut the apples open to paint with them, took apart some of the seeds, and we tasted several foods made with apples. We even make caramel apples! Yesterday we met some other kids from the area that homeschool. We met at a park and they played some games (Ady is not a big fan of dodge ball. Can you blame her? She says she doesn't like it because, "who would want to get hit by a ball on purpose?") and climbed on the play structure. It was a great time for Ady and I got to meet some other moms.

Ady has transitioned really well to being home. (Much like the transtion to her new school when we first moved here. And much like I had expected the beginning of first grade to go.) I am thankful to spend my days with her and I know we will have a great year with lots of learning.

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