Thursday, November 3, 2011

Busy, busy!

Where do I begin? We are keeping so busy. Anyone that ever claimed homeschool kids do not get enough chances to socialize has not followed me around for a day. Ady is doing P.E. and art at her school, piano once a week, swim lessons once a week, dance every week, rock climbing twice a week, story time when we can make it, ice skating twice a week, Girl Scouts, a ton of playdates, and some day camps here and there. It is great to see her interacting with children and adults of all different ages. She even does her technology class online with her teacher and her online classmates twice a week so she gets to interact with them via the computer.

Here is Ady at the Dancer for A Day Camp.

She has been learning so much and we are so proud of her for working hard every day. She is a good listener, a hard worker, and she just loves to learn! A big change from last year and the beginning of the school year this year.

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