Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Learning Together

One of the biggest challenges I have faced is learning to let Ady learn. After being a teacher for so long I get so worried about the outcome of the lesson and I forget to let Ady explore and learn at her own pace. I want her to learn that structure is important but it is hard for me to not think like a teacher and want to move her along quickly to the next lesson that needs to be "taught." I don't want to be the one that provides all of the answers for her. I want her to learn to think as a unique individual. I need to keep reminding myself that learning can happen at any time, not just during instructional time.

I am currently reading Dumbing Us Down, by John Gatto. It is a book that is articulating for me how I have felt about educatin in America for many years. I loved my job. I loved my students. But I knew the system was failing me and my students. I am loving my days with Ady. For me it has been a challenge to let go of the idea of "school at home."  I want her to have the best of both worlds: school and home at the same time. But am I failing her by forcing the idea of school when I know it has failed so many children? Ady and I are learning together in many ways!

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