Sunday, January 15, 2012

Back to work

December has been a busy month. The holidays have come and gone and we are back to work! We took a week off to enjoy time with family and now Ady is working on her second semester of first grade. We are doing our best to keep structure while gearing up for our move. Ady is an eager learner and I am so very thankful to spend every day with her.

For a while Ady had decided she wanted to be a fashion designer. She designed and created a few shirts. She has since moved on to wanting to be a geologist but I love to see her and her dolls wear her own creations.

Ady had her first piano recital. She rocked! She also had her last piano lesson in Oshkosh and will begin with her new teacher in Greencastle the week we move. Here she is by her hand print on her piano teachers wall.

 Ady has been learning to snowboard. Making her daddy very happy, she is loving it and wants to go as often as possible!

There has not been much snow in Wisconsin this year, but we are enjoying what we can get. Ady gets to play outside every day. Here she is playing with Blizzard.

We have been learning about Edvard Munch this month. Ady is a little confused about why most of his paintings "seem so angry" but she did her best to recreate The Scream.

While waiting for my car oil to be changed Ady was playing with some blocks. She made a giraffe! Still her favorite animal.

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