Thursday, March 1, 2012

Loving Life Right Now

Many homeschool families (not all!) think that schools are terrible places. School (public or private) isn't all bad. There are some flaws in the system, yes, but I do think that they do have some good things to offer. There is an important part of growing up that homeschool children are going to miss if they are home all the time. Now, I don't think that most children learn many positive social skills from attending school all day with peers. I have heard it said that in a classroom "children are raising children" and I have to agree with that somewhat. We wonder why there is so much bullying and school violence. But, attending school is such an important part of growing up. We can all remember field trips, class parties, assemblies, recess, and other fun activities that we experienced at school. Children do learn to navigate certain social situations from attending school. There are some homeschool families that I have met since we began this process with Ady that think we are crazy for sending Ady to school at all. Like she is going to be tainted forever for entering a school for 45 minutes a day. I think we have the perfect balance of home education and giving Ady the opportunity to experience school. She will build memories at school, along with everyone else, and yet she is learning in a safe and loving home environment. To me, it is a perfect combination. I have control over what Ady learns and who she is friends with. And she still gets to go to school to interact with her peers and learn things that I can't offer her at home.

On another note, I am never really sure if anyone is actually reading this blog! I love putting my thoughts in writing and sometimes get emails from a few of you. Keep the comments coming! I like to hear everyone's opinions. You can agree with me or disagree with me. I always welcome my friends to be honest with me. I hope everyone is doing well and is safe and happy!

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  1. i still read! i'm glad you both have found a situation that you are comfortable with and fits Ady's needs!