Thursday, March 22, 2012

Public Ed Dread

My new favorite read is Public Ed Dread by Bridgette Wallis. I do not deny that public education can work for some students. But this book makes public a lot of the dirty little secrets of public education. While earning my teacher certificate and master's degree, and even while teaching, there were many things I was taught that made me think things like, "That can't be best for the kids," or "You've got to be joking. Who are we kidding?" I had a reputation at staff meetings and professional development days of being cynical. (Can you believe it?!?) This book expresses what I was feeling during my teacher instruction and teacher meetings. There are many, many teachers that love their jobs and want to do best for their students. Laws, state regulations, and district and school guidelines makes it virtually impossible for teachers to teach every child to his or her full proficiency. Yet teachers are often blamed for failing students.

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