Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Counting Down

We are in our last month of first grade! Ady is officially done with her Laurel Springs curriculum on the last day of May. I can't believe how quickly first grade has flown by for her.

We have been working really hard on encouraging Ady to be more independent. I found an app for the tablet that allows me to enter her assignments for the day. When she completes an assignment, she checks it off and turns it in. She chooses the order she wants to complete her assignments (unless I say otherwise) and when she gets to something she can't complete on her own or that is new for her she lets me know she needs assistance. This has been working well for us. It has been a great way to teach her time management and responsibility. 

Ady is doing a few day camps this summer and we are going to focus on her reading fluency and memorizing math facts. This year, along with many other skills, she learned to add with regrouping, subtract with borrowing, multiply, and divide without remainders. She really enjoys math. She is reading a year ahead of her grade level. She has great "voice" and I love listening to her read. I like the idea of year round school so she is going to keep working on what she learned, but she will have plenty of time to play and have fun! I love summer!

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  1. I saw your blog on JM. I have a first grader too. She's in school this year, but we're switching to homeschool for second grade. Anyway, enjoy your summer!