Monday, June 11, 2012

Weekends are Wonderful

A wonderful weekend leads to wonderful memories. On Friday Ady, Jer, and I went to Harrisburg for the day. We started the day at City Island with a paddle boat ride then Ady and Jer hit the batting cages. We had lunch downtown then walked to the capitol building. It was beautiful! Ady then went to Voila! Children's Art and Creativity Center while Jer and I went out to dinner. She always come back from Voila! with some great art projects!

Saturday was a busy day, with the first official FLAG meeting the morning. (It went GREAT, by the way. Our group is 30 families and growing.) Saturday afternoon I went to Book Club (more to come on this next time I post!) and then met Ady and Jer at the pool for dinner and some swimming. Then we came home, had a fire and roasted marshmallows while Ady caught (and promptly released) fireflies in the backyard. It was fun to watch her chasing them all over our yard and the neighbors yards. She would be so proud when she caught one, but then she would let it go so she could catch another.

Sunday was restful. After sleeping in and taking Blizzard for a walk, we relaxed at the pool for lunch and then relaxed in the backyard at home. It was a nice day to sit and read. Weekends are a great time to unwind and spend time together.

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