Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Animal Safari

Yesterday Ady and I went to Lake Tobias Wildlife Park. During our trip we went on an Animal Safari. Ady got to feed animals when they came right up to the truck we were riding on. Very cool! The best part of the trip was when Ady decided to pet the alligator. Alligators terrify her. Unlike her fear of buttons, which is a silent fear, she won't deny she is afraid of alligators. (And crabs. And lobsters.) Part of the reptile show was showing the kids alligators, snakes, and frogs. After the show the kids got to pet the reptiles. I was sure she would steer clear of the alligator. She ran right up to it and touched it. She was so proud of herself! She said, "I'm not afraid any more!" She pet the snake too. What a brave girl! If only I could be as brave as she is. 

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