Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Goodbye, First Grade

This is the last week of first grade! I have ended many school years and I always feel a little sad when my time is up with my students. This year is different, of course, because my student is my child. I still feel sad knowing that we are closing one chapter. I am looking forward to the next chapter, but I can't believe my baby is going to be a second grader! It's exciting to be moving forward and watching her grow up. Still, I wish I could slow things down a bit.

This Thursday is the last day of school for us. Last year on the first day of summer I threw a kindergarten graduation party for Ady and her friends. That was fun! This year I am declaring Friday, the first day of summer, as Ady Day. She gets everything her way (for one day only!). She is very excited about this, as you can imagine. So far she has asked for breakfast in bed, lunch at Tranquilatea and has requested The Queen's Tea (http://tranquilatearoom.com/. Thank you, Lori, for that idea!), and dinner at Chuck E Cheese's. And her Papa and Granny are arriving for a visit on Friday. Lucky girl!

She has worked really hard this school year. She has completed a whole year of Laurel Springs in eight months. Something that takes most six year olds ten months to complete. And she also completed many, many assignments from when I taught first grade that I thought she should learn and experience. She did all this while I also moved her forward to second and third grade reading and math. She did all this while we moved from one state to another (again). And she did all this while dealing with me and my changing of thought about what education is all about. She is an amazing learner and an incredible little girl. It is a gift to watch her grow up.

Here is Ady's first grade video. These may just have to become a tradition for us.

Here is the kindergarten video, if anyone missed it last year.

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  1. Tranquilatea is awesome. I wish it were opened on Sunday. We need something like that for book club. Perhaps we'll move the day this time. Have fun.