Monday, September 19, 2011

Where are we?

Where are we now? Education is extremely important to us. We have put a lot of thought into schooling for Ady. We had done a ton of research. We are leaning toward keeping her home, but we want to keep her involved at school as well. Her school principal is open to keeping her at school for some non-core subjects, field trips, assemblies, parties, etc. We are thankful that he has been so open and willing to work with us. We are meeting with the teacher this evening to discuss the plan and see how open she is to the idea.

The change in schooling is not about the teacher. Several people have suggested that we just switch Ady to a different class.  There are some concerns about the teacher, but switching her to a different class with a different teacher does not mean she gets a better education. It would mean that she might be more willing to go to school. But there are still some safety concerns and our general concern for where public education is going in America. Watch Waiting for Superman (DVD) or Stupid in America (you csan find it on You Tube) if you want to know where we are coming from.

I will keep you posted on how the meeting goes tonight.

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