Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Settling In Nicely

I keep telling myself that I need to write here more. Things have been so busy! We are settling into our new home and our new routine. Ady has a "classroom" that is bright and cheery. And the best thing is that it is directly across the hall from my office. It is a great set up! She is doing well and working hard.

Ady's study

My office

Across from each other. We love being so close, yet having our own space. 

Ady getting ready for school. Tucky and Blizzy like to help.

I am feeling a little guilty that both kindergarten and first grade for Ady involved a big move to a new state. She seems to be doing well and has made some new friends already. But, as a teacher, I had ideas of what school would mean for her. Those ideas have been tossed out the window. I am rethinking what school and education really mean.

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