Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter 2012

Easter Egg Hunt

When we bought this house we didn't realize that the annual neighborhood 
Easter Egg Hunt is held in our backyard. What a fun time!

Coloring Eggs
 Coloring eggs! 

Adding a little glitter to the eggs. 

The Bunny Cake
 This year Jer made the cake and Ady decided to decorate it all on her own. 
She did really well! It's adorable! 

Easter Morning!
 Easter morning!!! Ady slept in until 9:00. But only because she stayed up past midnight, 
hoping to catch a glimpse of the bunny. I heard her sneak downstairs after I went to bed. 
The next morning she told me she heard the bunny! 

 All the eggs that the Easter Bunny had  left hidden for Ady.

Easter Brunch
 Getting ready for Easter brunch. 
 Ady and Daddy
 Me and Jer, taken by Ady

Easter Dinner
 The Easter seafood feast! Yum!

Creative Ady
And, just had to share the cute bunny that Ady made. 

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