Thursday, April 19, 2012


Not many know this, but my child has a fear of buttons. She will occasionally wear something with buttons, but it takes some convincing. She took golf lessons last summer and had to wear a polo shirt. She knew she had to get over her fear of buttons to be able to play golf. If I am wearing something with buttons, she won't hug me.  Lately it has gotten worse. If I mention buttons, she gets mad at me! Today I made her wear a dress I bought in the fall that has buttons on the collar. There is nothing like arguing with your daughter about buttons first thing in the morning. She doesn't seem to mind as much if the buttons are just decorations (But she still won't want to wear it.). But if the buttons serve a purpose on the shirt or dress, she will refuse to wear it. Buttons on jeans or pants don't seem to bother her at all. Where does this fear come from? Those of you who have known her forever may recall that she has always been afraid of buttons. Even as a toddler she would not hug or be picked up by someone that had buttons on.

I did some research and found out that the fear of buttons is called koumpounophobia. Apparently, Steve Jobs had koumpounophobia. And the book, Coraline, was written with this particular fear in mind. While the fear has not affected us too much, it can be a pain to go shopping for Ady because I can't buy anything with buttons. She won't wear coats or sweaters with buttons. It makes it hard, but what can I do? I will occasionally buy her something with buttons and hope she doesn't notice. But it just sits in her closet and she won't touch it. This is my creative, smart, adorable, and sometimes strange, little girl. And I guarantee this dress will be off and she will be wearing something without buttons in the next couple hours.

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