Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Good Friends

Good friends are hard to come by. We have met some nice people here, but most of Ady's close friends are in Wisconsin. There are some friends she misses very much back in Omaha. But her friends in Wisconsin are dear to her. She misses them and I wish we were closer so that we could visit more often. We took a weekend trip and we had a great time. Ady really wanted to stay! It was nice to be surrounded by people that love Ady and we enjoyed catching up.

I have moved several (more than several!) times in my life and many friends have come and gone. There are some I have kept in close contact with, but it is hard when you move far away. Facebook does help me to keep in contact, but that does not replace the heart to heart talks we can have when we are together. It is my wish that Ady forms friendships she can have for her whole childhood, maybe even her whole life. That is difficult when we move so often. But, Ady is also independent and she knows that her mom and dad are there for her no matte what. We are her world right now and she understands that friends my not always be as reliable as her family. I am proud that she understands that at a young age. I do think moving to different places has taught her that. But now I am ready to settle where she can have those close friends that she can grow up with.

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