Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Missing Girl

Stories like this break my heart. Children want to show that they are responsible and independent. Parents want their children to be able to walk to the park, to school, to a friends house. There is a fine line between overprotective parenting and keeping our kids safe. I wonder how a child walking in a neighborhood can be abducted. How can this happen? How can a child be taken out of his or her own home? Is anywhere safe? Everyone has to be aware and diligent.


I love the book Scoop, written by Julia Cook. She is a school counselor turned author from the Omaha area. She has many great books, but this is the one that deals with the topic of staying safe and being smart when it comes to "stranger danger." This is not a subject that parents want to discuss with their kids. We want to keep our kids safe and protect them from the bad things in the world. But, because we can't be with our kids all the time, we have to teach them to protect themselves when we are not around. Here is a link to the book:


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