Sunday, April 22, 2012


Yesterday we spent the day in Gettysburg. Ady really enjoyed learning about the history of the area. We toured some of the battleground. I didn't realize it was quite that extensive! We had lunch in town and walked through  the town some. We stopped at the Dobbin House. We went through the National Museum of Civil War and we did a short walk through the National Cemetery. The rain sent us home a little earlier than we had hoped, but it was neat to spend a day in such an important place.

The battle field:

Trees that were there during the Civil War are marked 
so you can see how much they have grown since then. 

The Dobbin House was owned by a wealthy citizen of Gettysburg and after he 
died it was part of the Underground Railroad. It is now a restaurant. 

The Cemetery: 

The two photos above are Civil war graves.

Unknown soldiers of the Civil War.

World War I and II graves.

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